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Barcode Duplication

Barcode duplication is a solution that is custom built here at Bar Code Data Ltd. It aims to keep costs down, and makes for a more convenient solution as you aim to save valuable time and hardware costs. Our Bar Code Duplication solution makes label replication as easy as scan, peel and stick.

We offer two specific solutions for duplicating labels, one mobile and one desktop.

Desktop Barcode Duplication

This specially selected package is designed to make your life easier, help you manage your time more effectively and ultimately increase your work output.

Produce long lasting, high quality duplicated barcodes anywhere within your business without the need of a full computer workstation.

Our tailor built packages are designed to accommodate all your needs, whatever they may be and can be built alongside one of our experts.


Mobile Barcode Duplication

Working exactly the same as our desktop solutions, our mobile solution offers the ability to increase your productivity by providing a way to duplicate labels on the move.

The solution incorporates a Zebra portable printer and wireless scanner, giving you complete flexibility to produce duplicate barcode labels in any location.  

Barcode Duplication Services

Are you looking to find the right barcode duplication solution for your needs? Barcode Data offer a free barcode duplication advice service to help you choose the right solution for your working environment, whether it be mobile or desktop. 


For more information on how we can help please contact our healthcare team :- 

T: 0333 366 0842


Alternatively, please complete the form provided within the web chat and we will contact you.

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