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Bedside Point

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Bedside Point of Care

There is a big drive in the healthcare sector to utilise Point of Care (PoC) technology. This is hardware and software used by nurses and doctors either at the bedside or near the patient, leading to improved efficiencies, better interaction between patients and healthcare professionals, improved patient care and better healthcare outcomes.


As healthcare technology experts, Bar Code Data is ideally positioned to help you with your Bedside Point of Care hardware requirements. We offer mobile point-of-care computing and printing solutions aimed at improving bedside care and in turn, improving the patient experience.

Barcode Data can offer full bedside point of care mobility solutions, incoporporating : -

  • Clinical Mobile Carts

  • Label Printers

  • Barcode Scanners

  • Tablets or All in One PCs

  • Healthcare grade keyboards and mice

Mobile Carts

Typically, our Point of Care solutions incorporate a mobile cart. Bar Code Data have partnered with leading cart manufacturer, Kinetic ID to offer a full range of cart solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.


Each cart has the ability to be used with mobile applications such phlebotomy, ePMA (Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration), closed loop dispensing and general ward rounds.

With carts built for laptops, tablets, video and a multitude of other uses, this is the start point of the fully customisable solution that we provide.

For details of our full mobile cart range see here.


Printers and Scanners

In order to offer a complete solution, we also supply a full range of healthcare specific technology to support a mobile cart deployment. This includes label printers, barcode scanners, tablets, All-in-One PCs and multiple other devices designed to be used safely within any healthcare environment.

The technology provided to accompany a mobile cart comes as standard with medical grade plastics designed for heavy duty cleaning, and disinfectant ready so that you can always be sure that you can keep your devices at the highest standard of cleanliness and they will still work.

With multiple options of device, cart and solution set up, you can be sure that each time you are getting a solution that works entirely for you, the way that you want it to.

For our full range of printers, see here.

Alternatively, our scanner range can be found here.


All NHS Trusts have specific requirements and we are happy to work with you to understand those needs and tailor our solution to you. We are happy to visit on site to understand your needs, the type of environment you are working in and to demonstrate our bedside point of care solutions. 

We also offer "virtual demonstrations", allowing multiple people to view and experience our full range of healthcare mobile cart solutions and decide which one is right for them.


Are you looking to upgrade your current bedside point of care process? Are you in need of a cost effective solution that works for you? Or do you need to book an on-site or virtual demonstration of our solution before purchase? Do you need some more advice or assistance from a dedicated member of the team on how this solution works and could benefit you? 


Please contact a member of our healthcare team today and find out how this solution could work for you :- 

T: 0333 366 0842 


Alternatively, please complete the form provided within the webchat and we will contact you.

Bedside Point of Care Advice

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