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Infection Prevention

The CleanSlate UV sanitising device provides customers and employees with a quick and easy way of removing harmful pathogens from mobile devices and personal items.


With only a 20 second dose of of powerful UVC light the CleanSlate UV sanitiser can minimise the spread of pathogens in the workplace, hospitals and care homes. 

The device is very intuitive, maintenance free and requires no training to operate, meaning it can be used by anyone in any environment without risk of injury or damage to items cleaned in the device.

  • Proven to kill COVID-19, MRSA, E-Coli and other harmful pathogens on all non-porous items

  • 360° sanitisation guaranteed chamber design and special UV glass with no 'metal mesh' shadowing

  • Fastest cycle time at 20 seconds

  • No training required

  • No device-damaging chemicals are used on sensitive touchscreens

  • Low cost as it is up to 4x cheaper than using anti-bacterial wipes

  • 3rd party laboratory report to prove efficacy. 

  • Multiple devices can be sanitised per cycle (2 to 4)

  • Automatic lid opening keeps sanitised devices and hands clean with touch-free removal

  • Active monitoring of UVC bulbs ensures 100% reliable performance

  • 100 second cycle or 'PPE mode' which allows a user to sanitise items such as face masks, goggles and glasses.

Infection Prevention Solution Advice

Are you looking to upgrade to the newest solution for everything needed within infection prevention? Do you need some more advice or assistance from a dedicated member of the team on how this solution works and could benefit you? 


Please contact a member of our healthcare team today and find out how this solution could work for you :- 

T: 0333 366 0842 


Alternatively, please complete the form provided within the webchat and we will contact you.

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