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Medical Grade Keyboards and Mice

Sterile Flat Antibacterial Medical Keyboards

Prevent Cross Infections by upgrading to the SterileFLAT wireless antibacterial medical keyboard. SterileFLAT keyboards are an invaluable tool in reducing the risk of cross infection in any medical environment. Shared keyboards on the wards or other clinical environments can become breeding grounds for healthcare associate infections (HAI), infections that are acquired in hospitals or as a result of healthcare interventions.

  • Totally flat keyboard surface that is quick and easy to wipe and sterilise

  • Clean with any hospital-approved disinfectant

  • Underside of keyboard has a lightweight easy clean cover for added antibacterial protection

  • Antibacterial keyboard face. The membrane combines active Nano Silver technology with a flexible but strong latex-free silicon barrier cover

  • Tooled custom fit latex-free membrane

  • CE and FCC Approved, RoHS compliant keyboard

  • Soft touch tactile keys

  • Can be supplied with or without antibacterial silicon coated optical or laser mouse

  • USB port for dongle

  • 2.4G wireless system

  • Keyboard uses 2 x AAA batteries

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP, Windows 7, 8 and 10

Spec PDF Download

Sterile Mouse Antibacterial Wireless Laser Mouse

Prevent Cross Infections by upgrading to the SterileMOUSE-WIRELESS-LASER antibacterial mouse. The dangers of cross infection are not only reserved for keyboards. A computer mouse can be used many times by multiple members of medical staff throughout the working day. The SterileMOUSE-WIRELESS-LASER antibacterial mouse has a latex free silicone body, laser diode optics, CE approved product that can be washed or wiped with antibacterial/alcohol based agents, "Chlor-clean" or equivalent products that are often used in hospital environments, which will greatly assist in reducing cross infections in all clinical areas. The SterileMOUSE-WIRELESS-LASER antibacterial mousse is comfortable to use and easy to clean.

  • A stylish design and comfortable shape, rugged and water resistant, made of 100% silicon making it latex-free

  • Silicon body impregnated with Nano Silver antibacterial component

  • Rubberised surface for cushioned comfort

  • Precise smooth cursor movement

  • Laser Diode Optics. 1200dpi optical sensor with a 3,000 fps scan rate

  • Can be cleaned with antibacterial, alcohol based agents

  • 2 Command buttons with a 3 button scroll wheel function

  • USB connector

  • IBM AT, Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7,8 and 10 compatible

  • Dimensions: 114 (L) x 65 (W) x 41 (H) mm

  • Net weight: 95g

  • USB (mini) receiver

  • 2.4GHz frequency

  • CE Approved, RoHS compliant mouse

  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries

Spec PDF Download

Man & Machine - Very Cool Flat Keyboard

The Very Cool Flat is a washable keyboard covered by a drape. The key locations on the drape are the slightest bit elevated to give a tactile key orientation, while still allowing a single wipe clean.

  • Cleanable with soap and water

  • Cleanable with approved surface disinfectants

  • Can spray and rinse the keyboard

  • You can immerse the keyboard except the USB connector

  • IP65 rating

  • 2 Year warranty

Man & Machine - Really Cool Touch Keyboard

This is a fully sealed keyboard with touchpad. The silicone keyboard is a complete fully sealed input device, including touchpad as well as a numeric keypad. No need for a separate mouse. If you are in an environment where fluid incidents must be considered or, a full disinfection is desirable, this is your all-in-one input device.

  • Lock feature for secure cleaning

  • Cleanable with soap and water

  • Cleanable with approved surface disinfectants

  • You can spray and rinse the keyboard

  • You can immerse the keyboard except the USB connector

  • Can be exposed to HPV - Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour

  • IP68 rating

  • 5 Year Warranty


Man & Machine - Mighty Mouse

Fully sealed mouse for use in stringent hygienic conditions. It has zero openings, thanks to the 5-button design to scroll and click. Its rugged latex-free silicone design will give maximum durability in any environment.

  • Cleanable with soap and water

  • Cleanable with approved surface disinfectants

  • Can spray and rinse the mouse

  • Sealed, waterproof and able to be fully immersed in water

  • USB connector

  • IP68 rating

  • 2 Year warranty

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