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Breast Milk Track and Trace

Barcode Data's MilkTrack360 solution ensures that babies in neonatal intensive-care units (NICU) and intensive care nurseries (ICN) are protected from incorrect feeding, safeguarding the mother and child by ensuring that the mothers expressed milk is kept safe until needed.

The system also ensures that donated milk once pasteurised is tracked and labelled to deliver the best possible nutrition to the receiving patients.

Our system uses an effective barcode driven solution that identifies and matches expressed breast milk to both mother and child. The solution is a secure feeding and milk management system developed to ensure that every baby in the NICU and ICN receives the correct breast milk, donor milk, or formula, risk-free at the bedside.

Using barcode and wristband labelling as a technology the system offers many advantages over a manual verification process decreasing human errors and saving time.

The solutions offer state of the art reporting to assist NICU and ICN staff to have accurate automated reporting to assist in patient care and can be deployed in hospitals and intensive care units.

Our healthcare products are constructed using durable, disinfectant-ready materials to ensure patient safety at all times.


  • Make sure the right baby is given the right milk, every time

  • Never run out of milk and formula by tracking stock levels

  • Empower parents to be involved and record new milk and feed logs

  • Reduce waste by using milk closest to expiry first

  • Save time and reduce errors by managing milk, formula, donations and colostrum all in one place

  • Use on existing desktops, smart handhelds or dedicated scanning devices


Specific Features:

  • Scan GS1 barcodes to create and correctly identify babies and patients

  • Scan non-GS1 barcodes to track milk stocks and link bottles to babies

  • Build in your own clinical logic to calculate product expiry dates based on storage type and additives

  • Supports Milk Kitchen and feed preparation processes

  • View live stock levels across your products, locations and babies

  • Full auditability and version control: see who did what and when

Are you looking to upgrade to the newest solution for all your milk tracking needs? Do you need some more advice or assistance from a dedicated member of the team on how this solution works and could benefit you? 


Please contact a member of our healthcare team today and find out how this solution could work for you :- 

T: 0333 366 0842 


Alternatively, please complete the form provided within the webchat and we will contact you.

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