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Track and

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Track and Trace Software

The NHS transports highly confidential information and vulnerable people throughout all hours of the day and keeping track of them is a top priority.


Here at Bar Code Data, we help provide track and trace solutions to work within any healthcare environment, and with our GS1 approved track and trace solution you can now make sure that items, and people, that are in transit have made it safely to their destination.

Our cost effective eTrakLogic solution allows for less human error and replaces manual processes, furthermore it offers real time data capture to never miss an event.

Our track and trace solution would typically involve multiple processes and options.

Specimen Tracking:

Within the healthcare sector multiple specimens a day are sent out between General Practitioners, Medical Centres or Hospital Departments and laboratories. Our real-time electronic data capture ensures that the full chain of custody is recorded from the point of collection, to the testing destination.

Asset Tracking:

In many hospital departments, the measure of performance is dependent on the way assets are managed. Our eTrakLogic solution allows you to track high value items and identify their last known locations.

Stock Control:

Poor stock control can have a significant impact on patient safety and cancelled procedures. It is important to know where stock is, when it expires and how much is left to decrease the likelihood of delays in helping patients. Our eTrakLogic solution allows for real-time updates on where your stock is, expiration dates and stock volume to increase your productivity and make sure you always know where items are.

Patient Transport Service:

eTrakLogic can be used to manage the transport of patient to and from their homes to out-patients' appointments, clinics, physiotherapy or non-urgent inter-hospital transfers.

How Does It Work?

This solution combines simplicity and full customisation to optimise how it meets every unique requirement for the different areas of the NHS. Complete with multiple features that all provide different outcomes, this allows for the solution to fully conform to the environment it is used in. These features include -:

  • Real-time data capture

  • Get instant job updates to replace the manual processes

  • Easy communication between staff

  • Route optimisation and navigation options

  • Option to integrate with back office systems

  • SaaS (end-to-end service provision)

  • The ability to generate and export reports in various formats.

Are you looking to upgrade your track and trace process for specimens, stock and patients? Are you in need of a cost effective solution that works for you? Do you need some more advice or assistance from a dedicated member of the team on how this solution works and could benefit you? 


Please contact a member of our healthcare team today and find out how this solution could work for you :- 

T: 0333 366 0842 


Alternatively, please complete the form provided within the webchat and we will contact you.

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