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Zebra Thermal Wristbands

Patient ID Wristbands that fail to scan can impact patient safety and the ability to provide timely patient care. Printed wristbands have proven to improve patient ID accuracy and operational efficiency point-of-care services.  However, there is such a wide range to choose from which is where we can help you make the right choice for your specific requirements.


We can also help to deploy your Patient ID bands to fully support the GS1 Standards compliant wristbands - designed to meet DCB 1077 guidelines and incorporating a 2D GS1 DataMatrix barcode

  • Z-Band UltraSoft - One of the softest thermal wristbands in the market

  • Z-Band Direct – The Classic wristband

  • Z-Band New-born - Soft, adjustable wristband ideal for a new-born's delicate skin with a Flat print area to ensure ease of scanning.

  • Z-Band Fusion - Self-laminating wristband, for use at specialised hospitals where the average patient stay exceeds 14 days.

  • Z-Band Ultrasoft Maternity - Features one adult and infant wristband, this two-part wristband solution (that can be printed twice) helps ensure that every new-born is properly identified and matched to their mother and birth partner.

  • Z-Band UHF RFID Wristbands - wristband solutions simplify the identification and tracking of patients within a hospital.

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